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We invite you to join our weekly community yoga class hosted by Kari. She has been teaching yoga for 7 years at many different locations and is now very proud to be hosting her own independent class at the Hickory Hills Presbyterian Church Gymnasium. This class is tailored for yogis of all levels with focus on modifications for all abilities. Her goal is to get everyone in the community to practice yoga and experience the health benefits a regular yoga practice can deliver.

Before setting up her Hickory Hills Community Yoga class she suffered from the high expense most studios charge for monthly memberships. She wanted to make yoga more affordable to the community. At an unheard of $10 per class there is no class anywhere in the area that makes yoga this affordable to students wanting a regular practice.

And to go beyond this incredible deal she offers even better deals such as 5 classes for $40 up front. And such rewards for existing members as “Bring a friend get a free class”

If you are on the fence and are not sure if you will enjoy this class she even offers First Class Free! Don’t be afraid to give yoga a try, it can change your life!

You can read the details and all of the current promotions here

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Feel free to contact us for anything you want, learn more about us, check our weekly schedule, our membership plans and our classes. We have also put together a complete asanas library that can serve as a reference for your yoga lessons.

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  • Kari is not only a wonderful yoga instructor...she has the rare ability to lift your spirit and let your heart shine! She focuses on each individual and pays special attention to our skill levels and health issues. Kari's positive energy and knowledge makes each class a new adventure!
    Rita Yoga Student
  • I started doing yoga with Kari at the end of May.  Having never done yoga a day in my life, I was honestly terrified that I would walk in and get looks from all of the "real yogis" silently saying "who is this guy who clearly doesn't know what he is doing."  I have been so surprised throughout the last few weeks at how welcoming Kari and the rest of the students have been and how much I have learned about yoga and myself.
    Jeff Yoga Student
  •   I can't tell you how daunting it was to me the first time I did a class with Kari. I'm not a flexible person that is very good at turning my mind off - just to say the least. I've discovered the many misconceptions that I've had about yoga just by stepping into the front door! Kari has been so welcoming and helpful that I've fallen in love with my yoga practice!
    Christine Yoga Student

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New students can try their first class free of charge to meet and practice together!