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Get in Touch, You Awesome Yogi!

Hey there, fellow human! We’re thrilled that you want to reach out to us and strike a pose of communication. Whether you have a burning question, a mind-blowing idea, or just want to say ‘namaste,’ we’re all ears! Seriously, our ears are wide open, ready to receive your words of wisdom or even yoga-related puns.

Contacting us is as easy as finding your Zen (well, almost!). Pick your preferred method below and let the yoga magic flow:

I post most often in our Facebook Group to keep students up to date on upcoming classes, which you can join by clicking the button above. Remember, we’re all about good vibes, laughter, and meaningful connections. So, don’t be shy—send us a message and let the fun begin! We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.

P.S. Please, no carrier pigeons delivering love letters. Our HR department is overwhelmed with pigeon matchmaking duties. Let’s keep things strictly business, shall we?

Stay awesome, Kari

Yes, you read that right. We have a fleet of well-trained carrier pigeons eagerly awaiting your message. Just write it down, attach it to one of our feathered friends, and watch them gracefully deliver your message to our rooftop headquarters. We promise to shower them with extra birdseed as a token of appreciation.

We’ve harnessed the powers of quantum physics (because, you know, it’s all about balance) to create a direct telepathic link between your mind and ours. Concentrate really hard on your message, close your eyes, and project your thoughts our way while balancing on one foot. We’ll be patiently waiting to receive your brainwaves and strike a yogic balance. Don’t worry; we won’t judge if your thoughts occasionally wander to yoga pants or a peaceful savasana.

If you prefer a more grounded approach, we’ve got you covered. Strike the email warrior pose by typing away at your keyboard and send us an email at kari@stellaryogis.com

We promise not to let it get lost in the digital ether. Our team of inbox yogis will swiftly respond, armed with mindful replies and soothing mantras.

Ah, social media—the virtual yoga mat where we can flow, connect, and share our journey. Find us on our Facebook page or more frequently in our Facebook Group Follow us, tag us in your yoga pics, slide into our DMs—let’s create a digital yoga studio of togetherness. We love interacting with our amazing yogi community.

If you’re wondering about the cost of each blissful yoga class, we’ve got you covered! Visit our Pricing Page to discover the investment required for your journey to inner peace. From drop-in rates to discounted punch cards, we have options that suit every budget and commitment level. So, roll out your mat and let the financial worries melt away. Your path to yoga enlightenment awaits!

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